Evadne, Sunny Nor Cal Wrestler With A Bright Restaurant View

We remember the first time that we met Evadne, we couldn’t believe how shapely and gorgeous she was.

Unfortunately for us, she was not wrestling on that day’s card but we were salivating to get her on the mats. We even knew the attire that we wanted to see her in.

Talk about a fan makeover.

With her sunny disposition and eagerness, we knew that she would be a great fan attraction.

We were right.

Evadne (left) writer, photo writer, photo

We would follow her to San Jose where she wrestled in two matches and Evadne was absolutely the sexy girl of the day.

She even agreed to wear our attire request!

Later when we covered another event, we were ecstatic that Evadne was on the card against gorgeous FeFe. writer, photo writer, photo


We would cover her again in San Jose where she met England’s Minxy Li and San Francisco super star and Division One fighter in Daisy Ducati.

In our lunch, dinner and a female vs female grappling movie series here at San Francisco Grappling Stars, we wondered what would be a great restaurant that reflects Evadne’s sunny bright personality.

We came to one major conclusion.

It has to be a delicious restaurant with a view.

Please meet Green Restaurant. They sure would like to meet you and welcome you into their home. writer, photo credit writer, photo credit

Led by nationally acclaimed chef and author Annie Somerville, Greens Restaurant has become one of the most celebrated restaurants in the world. Extensively reviewed by food, wine, and design publications, Greens has been a perennial top 100 Bay Area restaurant according to the San Francisco Chronicle, recognized as one of America’s best restaurants by Zagat, and is a Michelin Guide recommendation. Annie is a pioneer in working directly with local, organic farmers (including our own Green Gulch Farm in Marin County), selecting the freshest and most delicious seasonal produce to bring to the table.

Greens Restaurant opened in 1979 as part of San Francisco Zen Center, which includes Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Located at historic Fort Mason Center in a former machine shop, Greens overlooks the San Francisco Marina with sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. writer, Stay Classy website photo credit writer, Stay Classy website photo credit

Less than an hour North of the city, Green Gulch Farm in Marin County is a residential Zen community and bountiful organic farm. It provides the restaurant with a myriad of fresh garden edibles tended with care year-round, ranging from chard, leeks, and winter squash to flowering herbs. In addition to Green Gulch Farm, Greens draws from an extended family of local growers and organic farmers’ markets for its ingredients.

THE CUISINE writer, photo credit writer, photo credit

For more than twenty years, San Francisco’s beloved Greens Restaurant has been in the avant garde of the cooking revolution in America. Through its endlessly inventive, ever-changing menus and bestselling cook-books, Greens has introduced millions of delighted fans to a sophisticated, meatless cuisine packed with transcendent, satisfying flavor. The heart of Greens cooking is to use the best, freshest ingredients.

THE CHEF writer, photo credit writer, photo credit

Annie Somerville is the Executive Chef of Greens Restaurant and the author of the award-winning cookbooks Fields of Greens and Everyday Greens. She came to Greens in 1981, trained under Greens original chef Deborah Madison, and has been the Executive Chef since 1985. She works closely with the organic gardeners at Green Gulch Farm, along with local growers and farmers, cheese makers, and other purveyors. She also collaborates with Greens’ chefs to plan menus and oversees a talented kitchen staff.


The wine program at Greens has been an important part of Greens since Dick Graff of Chalone Vineyards created the first list in 1979. The emphasis on small, high-quality producers using sustainable vineyard practices from the West Coast of the United States and Europe has continued through the years. For nearly a decade, the wine list has been under the direction of our current wine buyer Mike Hale, who has helped the wine program grow and change over the years, while still honoring the original values of sustainability and quality.


The spectacular panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and the Marina is very much a part of Greens, viewed through floor-to-ceiling windows, though the space has more than a view to offer. Constructed by master craftsman Paul Discoe of Joinery Structures and San Francisco Zen Center carpenters, Greens is a work of art. The restaurant incorporates twelve varieties of wood, from the massive black walnut entry doors, the hickory stairs, and the curved bar featuring Port-Orford cedar, to the dining tables of maple, walnut, and cherry wood. All construction was performed using Japanese joinery technique, without nails. More recently, sustainable dining room chairs were produced in Sonoma County by created by Scott Constable of Wowhaus. Many of the paintings lining the walls are by renowned Bay Area artist Willard Dixon, while a magnificent redwood sculpture by Inverness artist J.B. Blunk acts as Greens’ stunning centerpiece.

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