Samantha Grace, Visiting So. Cal Wrestler, Cinematic Masterpiece

Everywhere she goes, anywhere that she wrestles, Samantha Grace is usually the prettiest girl at the event. writer, photo writer, photo

It’s a sunny, Southern California thing.

Samantha has a very sunny personality as well and she has been so much fun to hang around with at events. writer, photo writer, photo

In some ways she’s like a Cinema star. writer, photo writer, photo

We could talk about her all day and have.

Samantha Grace – A Wrestler Who Gives More Than Expected

Samantha has wrestled for many companies including San Francisco Grappling Stars.

She wrestled another sunny So. Cal girl in the gorgeous Kymberly Jane. Here is how her match is described here at Grappling Stars in our store.

“Samantha Grace vs Kymberly Jane, Canoga Park. Sunny Southern California is always a great place to shoot submission female wrestling matches and popular and gorgeous industry stars Samantha Grace verses Kymberly Jane fit the bill perfectly. It’s an aggressive showdown inside the famous HTM ring. Lots of strong body scissors from two shapely, curvy, sexy girls in a fully competitive match.”

We loved the match. We loved hanging out with Kymberly and Samantha.

Time goes by so fast since we first met Samantha back in 2012 when she engaged San Francisco’s Audrey Rose in battle at an East Bay Dojo.

It’s a great memory.


So in our dinner and a female wrestling movie in San Francisco series where is a sunny and unique atmosphere that is ideal for a So. Cal Star like Samantha.

How about Foreign Cinema? It certainly has star power.

Let’s hang out at writer, photo credit writer, photo credit

“Evolving menus. Sensual Environ. Champagne and Oysters on the Half Shell.

Since 1999. Foreign Cinema remains a magical destination for local, national and international visitors as San Francisco’s most enduring dining centers.

A San Francisco Chronicle “Top 100 Restaurant” for sixteen consecutive years, Chefs Gayle Pirie and John Clark’s collective visions weave food, wine, cocktails, film, and art gallery into one harmonious ambience.

In recognition of 15 years of distinctive service and community stewardship, September 18th was proclaimed “Foreign Cinema Day” in San Francisco. California State Senator Mark Leno presented a City Proclamation acknowledging Foreign Cinema on their unique neighborhood and city-wide leadership and standards in excellence.

Chef/Owners Gayle Pirie and John Clark have received multiple James Beard Foundation nominations for the “Best Chef: Pacific” and “Most Outstanding Restaurant” awards.”

That is very impressive. The customers are impressed as well. writer, yeahhserenaa-wordpress-com photo credit writer, yeahhserenaa-wordpress-com photo credit

At the great travel and review site, here are some tasty views. writer, yeahhserenaa-wordpress-com photo credit writer, yeahhserenaa-wordpress-com photo credit

“Visited a few years ago. The layout of the restaurant is unique. The food and service and the overall atmosphere make this a memorable dining experience. Visit with your loved ones. No one should be disappointed. The food is fresh, California, local ingredients, also reflected in their drinks.”

“I absolutely loved this spot. The food is fresh, light and cooked to perfection. The bartenders make craft cocktails with fresh ingredients which really enhances the flavors of the drinks. This place is super busy and must be the go to spot because the place is bustling. If you’re ever in the San Francisco region, try to make this restaurant.”

“Just loved everything about this place – the funky decor, amazing service, fantastic food and cocktails. It does require advance reservations so plan ahead – it is a real meal Experience. Unusual flavors and presentation – you will not be disappointed. After dinner leave restaurant and go right and take next right for great live music bar.”

You can watch a very nice video while it lasts about them at

Samantha Grace is always sunny, beautiful and inspiring.

Dining at Foreign Cinema would add movie star power and delicious dining to the superlatives.

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