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Having the designation of a world traveler implies many admirable attributes. writer, photo writer, photo

Let’s count a few of the ways.

You are most likely intelligent, inclusive, curious, courageous, adventurous, gregarious and open to change.

That’s a nice profile.

That’s Andre Shakti. writer, photo writer, photo

She’s also open to wrestling which we applaud. She was featured in Femcompetitor Magazine. Guess what the subject matter was about?

That was way too easy. Yes travel. Andre has practically traveled everywhere in the world including China.

Andre Shakti Wrestles When She's Not Traveling

True, when she is not traveling, our cute girl loves to wrestle. In our store she has wrestled the gorgeous blonde Mona Wales and the rising star Ingrid. writer, photo writer, photo

That’s something that she can do in San Francisco.

There’s something else that we can all do in San Francisco if we love to travel. It’s not quite the same but it’s a nice imitation of China.

Let’s visit San Francisco Chinatown. We’ve had so many tasty meals there.

We’re sure Andre has visited, more than once.

Haven't You Heard of the Chinatown in San Francisco?

By Ileana Limon  

Chinese culture has managed to penetrate in almost every corners in the world. They are very much welcomed and was even able to establish Chinese communities in many major cities around the globe. Such communities they have built are often represented in the local Chinatown. The Chinatown in San Francisco is by far the largest and the oldest one located outside of Asia which was established way back in the year 1850's.

It is one of the major tourist attractions in the area as it features fascinating mix of shopping, eating and cultural opportunities. It is accessible as anyone can easily explore the district either on foot, by bus or cable car. Basically, there is a large traditional gateway that stands at the southern entrance, which welcomes people into the San Francisco Chinatown. On certain occasions each year, the community streets of the Chinatown are filled with lots of festivities most especially during the Chinese New Year. It's actually the highlight of all Chinese culture celebration that's colorful and truly a spectacle to look forward to. writer, photo by-howard61313-own-work wikimedia writer, photo by-howard61313-own-work wikimedia

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. This factory has been in business since 1962. When you get here, you can watch the cookies being processed and you can even get a chance to sample the goods. Perhaps, the favorite thing to do when you are in Chinatown San Francisco is to dine at one of the many cafes or restaurants. Chinese cuisine is popular around the world and so you should have some of the many varieties of Chinese dishes available. Additionally, you can find other restaurants in the area apart from the Chinese ones. There are also restaurants such as Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and Thai. There are also American outlets for hamburgers etc.

Shopping is definitely a terrific fun on these streets of San Francisco Chinatown. The place is also filled with bustling fish markets and Chinese food stores. There are stores where you can buy ingredients for Chinese dishes as well as shops that sell the kitchen utensils and equipment to prepare such meals including woks, bamboo steamers and Chinese cleavers. Of course, Chinese food is never without the chopsticks. You can purchase them to make your experience an authentic one. Moreover, for anyone planning a Chinese New Year celebration of their own, there are traditional Chinese party decorations available. writer, photo by-haeb-own-work wikimedia writer, photo by-haeb-own-work wikimedia

Other stores in the area include candy stores, electronics and video game stores as well as shops selling modern and traditional Chinese clothes. Also, Chinese movies are very popular and these are made available in DVD stores for you to either rent or to buy.

Overall, you will find a great atmosphere in Chinatown San Francisco. A friendly community that offers almost everything to interest each and every member of the family. Where else can you find a place like this? If you are planning to visit one Chinatown in the world, this is the one worth visiting.

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