We Love The New, Eating At Mister Jiu’s, Watching Newbies Eden vs Dylan

We love the new and improved and often we simply are crazy about the new.

In our San Francisco female grappling world, we loved it when two new shapely girls Dylan and Eden decided to wrestle one another. We leaped for joy. writer, photo

It was one sexy match. The following is the description.

“Everyone’s tastes are different but part of the reason we have a non-traditional interview before a match that speaks to a beautiful girl’s travel and lifestyle experiences is because once a girl next door type begins to competitively wrestle against another, it makes it more erotic because we feel we know them personally instead of cut and dry, just wrestle only. When you listen to both Eden and Dylan before the match, it’s clear that they are very sweet, curvy and sexy so when they wrestle, we salivate for the close up camera views of their ground struggle. Though both girls have a few matches under their belt, they are still fairly new and that’s the sexy up close excitement. The outcome of this battle is in doubt right up until the end. Please Enjoy.” writer, photo

That is the beauty of living in or near the greater San Francisco area. There is so much new to do and see.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”… Walt Disney

In our dinner or lunch in the San Francisco area and a female vs female grappling video, we are looking for the new and tasty.

We found a fantastic San Francisco new hot spot.

Time for a visit. writer, photo credit

The great San Francisco Bay Area news source shares, “Brandon Jew is attempting a feat that could have significant impact on our dining community: At his new San Francisco restaurant, Mister Jiu’s, he’s hoping to bring high-end dining back to Chinatown by serving Asian food that adheres to today’s popular organic and sustainable principles.”

At they smile, ‘After a decade of cooking around the globe, from Bologna to Shanghai to restaurants all over the Bay Area, Brandon found his greatest inspiration in his hometown of San Francisco.”

Sounds intriguing.

Sounds delicious. There’s more. writer, photo credit

At the fantastic review site they offer, “After years in the making, chef Brandon Jew’s hotly anticipated Chinatown restaurant has opened, offering a five-course, banquet-style menu of contemporary Chinese food. The thoroughly modern space is in the old Four Seas restaurant, now a destination for family-style meals using premium ingredients. Sizzling rice soup, salt and pepper Monterey squid, and tea smoked duck are some of the options, accompanied by cocktails from Danny Louie.”

The reviews by customers seem to be in agreement.

At it’s easy as one two three.

  1. Honest to god the month wait was with every penny. I have eaten at some amazing places before but this place is my new favorite in SF. The tasting menu was tasteful but in a way I can’t describe with words. Service was a 10, food was a 10, atmosphere was a 10.  

  2. Amazing food.  This restaurateur successfully showed us that Chinese food can be fine and elegant (and most importantly not necessary to be low priced commodity).

    Services were 5 stars. Hostess and waitress were super friendly and courteous.

  3. I had the wonderful opportunity of eating at Mister Jiu’s during my first month in San Francisco and I was blown away. Now, honestly… I’m usually very skeptical of paying big bucks for *fancy* Vietnamese or Chinese food, but the flavors and quality of dishes at Mister Jiu’s was great.

Well, for the new and wonderful we know where to visit in San Francisco.

On the female grappling mats its Dylan vs Eden.

For an evening dining out, the new and wonderful is Mister Jiu’s.

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