The Must-Do’s of San Francisco

By Robert G. Little    Submitted On January 26, 2016

If you’re planning to explore a dreamy destination this year, San Francisco would be a great choice. It shouldn’t matter whether it is your first time to the city or you’ve frequently visited it; It’s the perfect option because the city would never disappoint you. Every time, you’ll find something extremely surprising. The manageable size of the city is a plus for the tourists and the joys of exploring are limitless.

Although you’d often see it categorized to be ‘big’, this is only in terms of the endless attractions and sites that are there in San Francisco. You might be visiting for weeks and there is still a chance of missing out on some of its amazing attractions.

Here are things you must do if you’re planning to visit there.

  • The Golden Walk , , photo via

Why would anyone want to miss out on the most popular bridge in the world? Even the most experienced travelers will be spell bound by the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Once upon a time, it was thought that this mission would never come to its end. Although there are many automobiles that access the bridge every day, the pedestrian walkway has its own pleasures.

  1. The Thrilling Ride

Since the 19th century, the cable cars have been a popular means of transport in San Francisco. The journey through the city’s wondrous hills is a marvelous experience and also considered a historic symbol in the city. Even on the warmest days, the ride stays pleasant and it is a great way to experience the beauty of it.

  1. The Super Sea Lions

Welcome to one of the most popular attractions of San Francisco; a place where you’ll see sea lions of all kinds! PIER 39 would be ideal for a perfect day out in the city. It is famous for many of its attractions. However, you can’t afford to miss the sea lions whilst you’re there. The Sea Lion Centre is a great place to be to learn more about these wonderful creatures and watch them put up a spectacular show!

  1. The Magical Nightlife

San Francisco is popular for a lot of things and its nightlife is most loved by the tourists. It is one of those rare destinations where the nightlife turns out to be an everyday treat. The clubs of the city have held an important place and the music is a treat itself!

  1. Shopping at the Union Square

As mentioned above, there’s never an uneventful moment in the city. To experience the best of it, the Union Square is the perfect place to be. If you’re a shopaholic, Union Square would surprise you in every manner. From amazing departmental stores to the high end boutiques, even window shopping at Union Square is a pleasing time pass!

It’s home to plenty of wonderful attractions and offers countless entertainments to its tourists. This San Francisco travel guide would help you to explore the best of the city!

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