Kait Snow, A Grappler Who Symbolizes San Francisco MMA

Admiration swells when a San Francisco female grappler takes her craft seriously.

Grappling Stars has interviewed many competitors over the years and we really enjoyed speaking with Kait before her match with Dana. writer, photo

One of the subjects that came up was Kait’s participation in MMA training from a friend.

Once the two girls went at it, it really showed. writer, photo

Kait has been grappling g for a few years now and one thing that is consistent in her matches is that she never gives up and is unafraid to take on more experienced competitors and larger girls with gusto.

San Francisco is a gold mine in terms of finding great Dojos to train in.

We have a visiting female writer who shares more on the subject.

Martial Arts in the Bay Area writer, pexels-photo-grappling-stars-san-francisco-eduardo

By Mara Fineshriber  

If you’re looking for cool summers, cable cars, and famous landmarks, you may be searching for the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Also known for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Chinatown district, this Western coastal location boasts a population of over 830,000 people. Amidst this population is a growing martial arts presence that gravitates towards Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, and Aikido. There are approximately 122 martial arts schools, studios, dojos, and clubs within the San Francisco area. The majority of these schools are dedicated to offering self-defense classes for children, women, and men.

Many of the martial arts studios in the Bay Area cater to a wide range of ages. While it is important to select a school that offers your or your child’s age group, selecting a studio with the right class size is also vital. Some people learn quicker if put in a small class where they will receive more one-on-one attention, while others enjoy a large group dynamic and learning with others.

Although San Francisco offers a great environment for students of all ages to learn, it is an especially notable area for kids to learn martial arts. While there are many different institutions to choose from, those that offer a family-friendly atmosphere typically allow the best type of learning environment for the entire family. Some schools offer unique experiences such as movie nights in the studio, paying only for classes you attend, or focusing particularly on developing a child’s “can-do,” positive attitude.

The Bay Area is also host to some great martial arts tournament. Some examples of the tournaments held in this area include the Gold Cup Circuit, Bay Nationals, Golden Gate Junior Championships, Rising Sun Nationals, The SF National Karate Challenge, Stormline Nationals, and the California Karate Championship Finals.

In addition to its well-known tournaments, San Francisco also holds some fame in being the birth place of Bruce Lee, a famous martial artist and inventor of the Jeet Kune Do style of fighting. Jeet Kune Do was loosely described as a form of Chinese Kung Fu without the form, using minimal movements with maximum effects and speed. This form of martial arts is still widely practiced today, especially in the San Francisco area.

If you are interested in studying at a martial arts school that has won various local awards, there are some certain awards for which you should look. These awards include community service awards such as the SF Bay Guardian Community Service Award, Bayview Hunters Point Community Leadership Award, and others that display the school’s involvement and service to the community. Other awards may be those such as the California Senate Certificate of Recognition, inductions into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the Small Business Awards.

When choosing a Bay area martial arts school for you or your child, always consider your personal and specific needs above all else. While there are a lot of schools in this area, only a few may have the right instructors, classes, and methods that suit your learning requirements.

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