Another Way of Enjoying Crab in San Francisco

By Shaw Funami 

Holiday season is approaching. Everybody feels happy in planning something special in coming holiday season. Scheduling to visit San Francisco and Bay Area, please come to appreciate dining in finest seafood restaurants in San Francisco, and Bay Area. San Francisco is famous for seafood. Visitors’ favorites, in Bay Area, are crab dishes. As ethnicity of San Francisco varies, visitors can find various ethnic styles cooking of crabs. One of the recommended is Chappino. Half or whole crab cut in half seasoned with Italian style tomato sauce is a delicacy. Simply boiled crabs sold in outdoors stand of Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants are another one in areas recommendation list. writer, photo credit

Vietnamese style cooking of Dungeness crab is noteworthy. Vietnamese explain their delicacy to be the combination of French, Chinese, and Vietnamese local. This restaurant is “Tanh Long”, in Sunset Area, San Francisco. The restaurant is famous for “Garlic Roast Crab”. If visitors in San Francisco like eating a crab, this restaurant is “must try”. This is a different style crab cooking from either Italian style, or Fisherman’s Wharf way, as mentioned above. This restaurant roasts whole crab with lots of garlic, spices, and oils.

It tastes fantastic. People keep coming despite a high pricing in their menu. This restaurant is located on the corner between Judah and 47th street, Sunset area, downtown San Francisco. Outside does not look like expensive restaurant, but inside is elegantly decorated. This restaurant is original restaurant of 2 successful Vietnamese style restaurants in San Francisco, opened by a Vietnamese Gentleman. One would not be able to taste anything similar in Vietnam. It may be Vietnamese cooking made in San Francisco, as Benihana is not exactly authentic Japanese style cooking.

Visitors must request the “Roast Crab”, “Tiger Prawn”, and “Garlic Noodle”. These are best 3 recommendations. Eating this crab, one cannot do anything else, other than keep eating and finish the crab, since your hands will be full of garlic, oil, crab meats, and crab shells. One cannot even pick up silvers or wine glass. Visitors can spend for 2 and half hours, enjoying roast crab, other seafood, and restaurant interior. Dining in this restaurant can be a long dinner, not so much conversation, but visitors will enjoy this crab a lot. In Japanese sales, people say if a sales person needs to eat with a difficult customer, he should take him to a crab restaurant. He could be quiet because he was busy eating the crab. The visitor will find it true. photo credit

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