Females Living in San Francisco, Reality Is Better Than Fantasy

The life that we have verses the one we desire sometimes is very different.

Somehow we think for the beautiful women that live in San Francisco that have purchased property or are renting a residence that they can comfortably afford, live a life closer to the one that they desire.

The amenities of living in San Francisco are just that great.

Located here in Northern California and having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area we can confirm that just going to get something to eat, some coffee to drink and sitting around enjoying people watching while you are surrounded by scenic mountains and majestic water makes even the simplest experience magical.


In working with some of the gorgeous female grapplers who live and work in San Francisco, to a person, they can’t say enough about how much they love San Francisco. writer, photo

Many employers understand this as well.

As shared at, “Talent loves SF. Employees want to live in San Francisco because of cultural attractions, incredible weather, and energy and vitality. The best are drawn here. The Bay Area is home to more than 25 colleges, universities and graduate schools, resulting in over 7,000 college degrees per square mile and unparalleled access to venture capital. Over 40% of total VC investments in the U.S. are made here.”

That’s intriguing and impressive.

So reading about the booming and extremely expensive housing market is not surprising.

On June 7, 2017, reported, “A market report from Paragon Real Estate Group lays it all on the line: “San Francisco median house sales price soars to $1,500,000 in May.”

Suffice to say, that’s an all-time high.

Also of note, the median condo price in San Francisco went up to $1.2 million in May, another all-time record.

For perspective, back in 2000 a three-bedroom house in the city averaged $543,059—roughly $786,000 after inflation. So now the price of most homes is almost double the price of a larger than average home less than 20 years ago.”

It comes across as one of those situations where you hope that you are your parents bought early.

Trying to pay for it with a high paying salary is challenging, especially if you are a woman.

The New York Daily News reported that according to census data, “The median salary of women in the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont area is $54,600.”

That salary in many cities would go a very long way.

Not so in San Francisco.

In a May 24, 2016 article at, they lay out the challenging news in simple terms. “The salary before taxes you would need to buy a house in San Francisco at median prices declined 2.5 percent since the end of last year (about $3,800), bringing the recommended annual salary for homebuyers in the city to only $144,196, according to the mortgage firm HSH.

We don’t even need to tell you that that’s the highest in the nation, as it has been the last 13 times HSH has conducted its quarterly survey of mortgage affordability (or the lack thereof).”

Okay, we get the point and it is sharper than Twin Peaks.

Still, if you want to live out your dream and purchase in San Francisco, why not pretend for a moment that you can afford to live there.

If not, can’t you at least live there vicariously?

Sure you can and we found a few real estate companies that would love to make your every amenities wish come true.

Sleeping or awake.

There is a dynamic group at who wants to inform you that they can give you access, sometimes high up in the sky. “ is a real estate blog published by the agents at Climb Real Estate. It covers real estate topics specific to new and recently built housing projects and their neighborhoods in and around San Francisco. It is read by people interested in buying or selling real estate in these neighborhoods, and provides a catalog of the events, news, and projects that make up real estate new developments in San Francisco. Our mission is to help the general public understand the changes going on in the real estate market and to collect and make available that information on one site.” article, photo via

The pictures of what they can offer are enticing.

We wish that money was no object.

We love variety so let’s take a stroll over to “A brilliant take on premier living in San Francisco, as envisioned by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. Warm, modern interiors framed by expansive windows with majestic vistas of the City and the Bay. Intelligent indulgences include a bi-level club lounge, rooftop terrace, Jay Wright-designed fitness center, and a 70-foot lap pool. One, two, and three bedroom condominium residences at Main and Folsom. LUMINA: life in a new light.” article, photo via

They can showcase some gorgeous properties as well. article, photo via

As you might think, there are other major players in this high stakes real estate game.

Very high.

The team at offer very high expectations. Please meet the beautiful Leslie Bauer.

“With over 10 years of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur, Leslie Bauer is widely recognized as a leader in the San Francisco condominium sales market. Armed with the deep conviction that the on-line buying community was under served, Leslie spear-headed the introduction of to the San Francisco condo market.

Her areas of expertise include luxury condo/hotel sales, including The Residences at The Four Seasons and The St. Regis, as well as mid-rise complexes such as The Arterra and 200 Brannan. Leslie earned her business degree from the University of Maryland and her Masters in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute. When Leslie is not assisting her clients, she enjoys spending time playing baseball with her son.

When buying a condo in San Francisco, California, it is imperative to have a list of amenities that are important to you. At, our agents will work closely with you to find a building that fits your specific needs. If you are looking for dog friendly condos for sale in San Francisco, we will help find the best fit for you. With a few exceptions, San Francisco high-rise condo buildings are generally dog friendly. We have highlighted a few buildings in great locations where dogs are welcome.” article, photo credit

We love their work. article, photo credit

How would you like to wake up here and possibly walk to work?

San Francisco has been really good to our competitive female grapplers.

It’s a place where your dreams of how you would love to live, matches the reality of how you actually are living, while awake.

~ ~ ~

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Source: San Francisco Center for Economic Development



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