San Francisco’s Pacific Catch Restaurant, Delicious Salmon Supreme

Our taste buds admit it. There are some foods that are so delicious it would be hard for even some of the worst cooks in the world to mess things up.

Having said that, if a great cook gets a hold of that same delicious food, in terms of an out of this world dining experience, you are in for a treat.

Salmon is such a food. article,
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Just the mention of this magnificent swimmer spawns visions of regal nicely cut steaks.

We love San Francisco not only for being the haven of some fantastic  competitive female submission wrestling but also because it seems to have something outer worldly and magnificent in any area of interest that you might have in mind.

Including a superb restaurant that prepares a fine Salmon meal to die for.

Let’s meet them. article, photo credit

At we can smell the aroma flowing from the kitchen. “Pacific Catch is a modern, comfortable, Westcoast Fish House that combines fine-dining culinary experience with a casual California lifestyle. Dedicated to delivering high quality seafood with a unique perspective, the menu explores preparation styles and ingredients found throughout the Pacific.  We also offer a variety of lunch and dinner “Chalkboard” specials and a rotation of promotions highlighting a specific region in the Pacific, or local, seasonal offerings.”

Yes, a unique perspective.

Also a unique taste. article, photo via Foodspotting

Please get a feel for the staff. “We are proud to have some of the most respected minds in the restaurant world on our team. Our executive team and our board of directors are committed to growing the Pacific Catch brand for our employees and the communities we are a part of.”

At Grappling Stars in cooperation with Femcompetitor Magazine, we love to write about a progressive environment where women are encouraged to have success.

Let’s meet one of their leaders.

“Jessica Napier is a human resources professional with over 10 years of experience in human resource management, recruitment, training, and career development. With industry experience in non-profit, retail, corporate operations, marketing and security, Jessica brings a diverse and dynamic skill set to Pacific Catch’s team.

Jessica joins Pacific Catch from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco where she was the Senior Director of Human Resources. In addition to her work there she is an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix School of Business teaching classes in the area of Human Resources and Business Management. Prior to her work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco Jessica was a Human Resource Manager for Macy’s in both their southern California and northern California markets. Jessica’s expertise in the field makes her a sought-after speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator.

Jessica received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Phoenix and her MBA from Pepperdine University.”

Very impressive.

Now, what are the customers having to say?

Here are three reviews found at

“The staff is on top of it. Food was outstanding. Both fresh and a lot of taste and flavor combinations. I had the tacos with avocado, fish, and a tomatillo sauce that completed the flavor profile. Service was very good.”

“My husband and daughter wanted to eat seafood while we were in San Francisco, but I can’t eat it. Pacific Catch was a great choice for us because there was something on the menu for all of us.”

“We enjoyed our street side dining here. The fish was wonderful and wait staff very good. Our party of three all had something different on the menu and were very pleased with our meal.”

They get an additional star as well for being pet friendly. As shared at, “Pacific Catch is a West Coast fish house delivering fine-dining food with a casual dining experience. Leashed pets are allowed in outdoor seating areas.”

We love it.

We sense you will too. If you are visiting San Francisco and you are fishing for a fantastic salmon dining experience, it appears you have found the right place.

You can also feel comforted in that not only does salmon tastes good to you, it is so good for you as well.

The Super Health Benefits Of Salmon article, alaska photo credit

By Joel Gray

There are many people that are aware of the benefits of eating salmon. Considered an oily fish, salmon is consumed by people all over the world because it is delicious and very healthy. Salmon can be found along the North Atlantic and the Pacific coasts. Salmon were also introduced to the Great Lakes of the United States. Salmon can be found in both fresh and saltwater. They are born in freshwater, swim to the saltwater and then return to freshwater to mate.

It is believed that salmon return to the place where they are born to reproduce, and it has been proven to be true through tracking although no one knows how salmon are able to do this. There are a number of different species of salmon. There are the Atlantic Ocean salmon which include the Atlantic salmon and a subspecies known as the land-locked salmon. There is also a number of Pacific Ocean salmon species which include sockeye, pink, Chinook, cherry, chum and coho salmon. There is also a freshwater species of salmon known as Danube salmon.

Salmon is cultivated in two main ways. There are the traditional salmon fisheries and then there is a very well-known process known as salmon aquaculture. Salmon fisheries are very popular along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. While this is one of the traditional ways in which salmon are caught for consumption over fishing has resulted in dangerously low levels of salmon population in many areas along the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts. In order to allow salmon populations to replenish and to effectively produce salmon in an alternative manner the salmon aquaculture was introduced.

This method involves the process of cultivating salmon in a controlled environment. This process is very popular and most of the fish that is consumed is produced in this manner. Such countries as Canada, Chile and Norway are known for salmon aquaculture. This method allows salmon to be produced in large volumes for consumption while allowing naturally occurring salmon to replenish.

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish available for consumption. It is high in protein, Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon also contains minerals such as iron, phosphorus, vitamins A and B, calcium and selenium. The selenium in salmon is essential for healthy hair and nails and to build tissue. The proteins within the salmon help to support the muscle formation. Eating salmon is known to be very beneficial for cardiovascular health. The Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower cholesterol, prevent the hardening of the arteries and make the arteries flexible.

These acids are also known to strengthen the heart muscles. Likewise, eating salmon can also help to improve eye health and prevent the formation of a number of degenerative eye diseases such as macular degeneration and vision loss all courtesy of the Omega-3 fatty acids. It has been proven that regular consumption of fish does improve eyesight. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are also known to support brain function by improving memory, relaxing the brain and preventing such disorders as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Thus, there are many health benefits to be had from eating salmon.

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