San Francisco Soup Company Keeps You Warm And Satisfied

Eating soup may conjure up images of a wearing a scarf around your neck while you cozy up with a good book around the fireplace on a cold winters day.

Hopefully you are in good health when that occurs.

Some people have taken it a step further and taken the enhancement of great tasting soup to a whole other level.

San Francisco Soup Company is such a place.

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At they welcome, “San Francisco Soup Company is a family owned business.  Each of our restaurants is run with the same attention and care as our first location, Crocker Galleria, which we opened in 1999 in San Francisco’s financial district.  Our vision was to serve quality food in a fast, convenient environment.  At the time, San Francisco was starving for great food that people could access on their short lunch breaks.

We thought that soup would be the perfect meal to nourish the body and warm the soul.  The idea was to focus on the soup as the centerpiece of the lunch experience, rather than as an afterthought.  We knew that if we used quality ingredients our soups would be surprisingly good.  Over a period of about six months, we developed our opening repertoire of approximately forty recipes.  With a wide variety of flavors that included vegetarian, meat, spicy and sweet, we created a broad offering that was an immediate success.  From the beginning, we labeled our soups with our famous descriptors Vegetarian, Low Fat, Dairy Free, and Spicy.  Over the years we have added Low Carb and Gluten Free.  We have always known that our guests care about what they are eating, and we have been forthright in sharing nutritional information from the very beginning.

While our soups make a great meal, many people enjoy them with a sandwich or salad.  So, we opened our restaurant featuring combo meals, which bundle a half sandwich or side salad with the soups.  In recent years we have added a custom tossed salad bar at our newer locations.  Salad and soup go together naturally, and are probably the healthiest options anyone could want for a quick, nourishing meal.  Our custom tossed salad bars include dozens of fresh toppings and organic greens.

Sustainability has always been a core value of our company.  We have been composting our food scraps since 2002 and we were among the first companies in the country to use biodegradable cutlery.  Now, nearly 100% of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.  We offer at least three certified organic soups on the menu every day and we are committed to developing more organic varieties in the future.  It is also important to us to support local suppliers, which is why, for example, we use cage free eggs from Glaum Egg Ranch and organic milk from Clover Stornetta.”

That sounds enticing.

If you’ve come to this page, you might have an interest in grappling with some of the beautiful women we have written about who reside in San Francisco.

To make a full day of it, you now also know where to get some fantastic soup to help soothe some sore muscles.

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By Lloyd Ashley  

As a child, when I was unwell or laid up in bed with the cold virus, my mother would insist that I had a bowl of warm thick nutritious soup. It is a great comfort food and maybe it was a placebo effect but I always seem to feel better after a bowl of warm soup. I particularly like having soups on cold bleak winter days. The great thing about soup is that you can make it with whatever food you have in your kitchen and that includes left overs. To make soups with good flavor make sure you have excellent soup stock.

If you are keen to make great soups, you will find thousands of recipes on the Internet or on the bookshelves. There is no great need to have special equipment to make great soups. A chopping board, a sharp knife and a pan is all you need sometimes. A blender will be a useful equipment to get the consistency of your choice.

Soup is international and the taste and ingredients vary. In the Far East lentils are used and although they have different names, it is basically a soup. With globalization, we are now fortunate to enjoy all these fabulous soups and when making homemade soups, we can now continue to add new items from overseas.

Health experts tell us, we should have five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Soup is an excellent way to reach your daily target. Fruits with high carbohydrate and fructose level are not the best choice for many. Vegetables, beans, nuts and lentils are recommended by all health professionals and they are the natural choice for soups. Most children are not keen to eat vegetables especially broccoli and other brain foods. In soups, you can add portions of these healthy food items and liquidize the end product and children will have no idea they are enjoying foods they consider yucky.

In the stores today are various soup makers. Some are very expensive but the price has dropped since Cuisinart, a company renown for reliability, joined the market. Now all you need to do is chop up your food items, add your stock to your soup maker and leave it in the soup maker and once completed, you can use the blender option to give your soup the consistency you want. The soup makers available in the shops will blend, cook and maker soup, and the entire process takes about one hour. If time is at a premium, then a soup maker is an excellent choice. It is also a wonderful small equipment in your kitchen if you have small children.

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