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With an eye to health, think about granola.

Granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked until it is crisp, toasted and golden brown.

During the baking process, the mixture is stirred to maintain a loose breakfast cereal consistency.

Granola, particularly if it includes flax seeds, is often used to improve digestion. Granola is often eaten in combination with yogurt, honey, fresh fruit (such as bananas, strawberries or blueberries), milk or other forms of cereal. It also serves as a topping for various pastries, desserts or ice cream.

Granola is carried by people who are hiking, camping, or backpacking because it is nutritious, lightweight, high in calories, and easy to store (properties that make it similar to trail mix and muesli).

Health enthusiasts love their granola.

A group in San Francisco that is producing granola treats in a new, exciting and more delicious way is Nana Joes Granola in San Francisco.

At they introduce themselves to us. “Nana Joes Granola was born out of the need for something nourishing to sustain me through long surf sessions. After taste tests upon taste tests of granola, I was finally prompted to start my own business. My mission? Bringing a healthy, fresh breakfast back to the kitchen table.

Beginning with blissful and messy pasta and pizza making sessions with my father, comfort, for me, has always been found in the kitchen. The polaroid you see on each bag of granola is a photograph of my parents in 1968 laughing after a home-cooked meal. They taught me that good food is about wholesome ingredients prepared with love and care. Nana is what we called my Italian Grandmother Ignacia and Joseph is the name of both of my Grandfathers (hence no apostrophe).

I’m inspired by the way handmade food brings people together, so creating a food business passionate about community was a no-brainer. We work hard to reflect support and connectedness in the ingredients we use and where we source them from, how we operate within our business, and the way we communicate with our customers.

Nana Joes Granola stands for real ingredients, product integrity, and good vibes. We can't wait to share our creations with you.”

Sounds mouth-watering.

Many customers seem to think so. Here are two reviews found at

“Nana Joe’s granola is so good - I just ate a pound of it in a matter of six hours. Without milk

Nana Joes granola is light and bursting with taste. Michelle the foodie genius behind it - is all about using local and nutritious ingredients in her magical granola. It's not heavy and weighed down by processed sugars or over processed oils. It's instead sweetened with just maple syrup and cooked with gentle Safflower oil.

Her taste combinations are stunningly delicious. I had the Orange Cardamom Walnut and each bite melted in my mouth with astonishing pronounced flavor. It was so decadent that it could easily be dessert. Easily.

Nana Joes other flavors include everything from Pecan Mulberry Coconut, Cashew White Peach, to her epic Trail Mix (of which proceeds benefit Brain Cancer Research)

I am beyond smitten by Nana Joes outstanding product. I'm definitely going to be buying it when I'm craving something sweet or for presents for friends.”

Here is another.

“Absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!  Their products could not be any better!  We were overjoyed to discover such fantastic granola with the highest quality ingredients, and gluten-free, and not too sweet (for taste and in sugar qty) ... it's like a dream come true, honestly!  Everything we have tried is wonderful, but we are truly addicted to the Sunset Blend.  Check them out at a stand and they will graciously let you sample it all to find your own personal favorite.”

We’re certainly convinced.

Let’s read more about this healthy and fun year-round snack.

Enjoy The Health Benefits of Gluten Free Granola, article, photo credit via Bi-Rite Market

By Reachard Jhonson  

The growing fad for gluten free diet in recent months is encouraging the food industries to come up with more gluten free products in the market. The main reason behind the popularity of the diet is the health benefits associated with it. There are many people who are not convinced with the idea of the diet plan, but the recent study made by The University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research states that the elimination of gluten from a regular diet not only helps the celiac patients to maintain good health, but also help the other people to improve their digestion and thinking.

Health benefits of gluten-free diet

  • People who have incorporated the concept of this wonderful diet plan in their lifestyle have seen a surprising drop in their levels of cholesterol. It is certainly a very good news for most of the people struggling with cholesterol issues.
  • Diabetics are observing a significant decrease in their levels of blood sugar by following the program
  • There are several kinds of food that contains gluten. Eliminating it from your diet means eliminating a big list of unhealthy food from your daily diet. So, once the plan becomes a part of your life, you will observe a significant increase in your energy level and of course, you tend to get healthier than ever.
  • Regular workout followed by the diet plan helps to reach the weight loss goals faster.
  • It helps in better bowel movement.
  • People with celiac disease can see wonderful changes in their health by following the plan.
  • The biggest benefit is that food without gluten tastes really good.
    The program was specially designed for the people suffering from the conditions like celiac disease, diabetes and wheat allergies, but the benefits associated with the program are also driving other people to switch to it and enjoy its benefits.

The growing popularity of the program has offered a platform to the food industries to switch their interests towards the gluten free products and concentrate more on manufacturing of these products.

Granola is one of the hot favorite snacks of the Americans. With the growing fad for gluten free products, even the manufacturers of granola are concentrating on this special diet concept and are offering people with a healthier and tastier granola to eat.

If you are suffering from celiac disease and love granola, gluten free granola is what you must consume to enjoy the pleasures of its taste and maintain your physical well-being as well. The great thing about granola is that it is rich in fiber and offer a fuller feeling for longer, and therefore it is considered as a perfect snack for the people who are struggling hard to lose weight. Fiber helps a person to stay fuller for longer and control hunger pangs, while the absence of the protein in a snack offers a person with a healthier diet alternative that works so well in maintaining weight as well as the physical health.

As most of the granola manufacturing companies make use of natural sweeteners to make the snack, diabetic people can really enjoy their favorite gluten free granola to stay energetic throughout the day without consuming artificial sweeteners.

Are you fond of granola? The Paleo granola recipe is a perfect example of a healthy diet, as it deals in gluten free granola that contains real fruits, healthy nuts and natural sweeteners.

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