San Francisco’s Good Hotel, Visiting Her Is A Great Idea

You can never have enough of a good thing.

Good food, beautiful weather, gorgeous women strolling down the street, great shopping and more.

There is something missing though.

Another feature that would enhance this picture is a good hotel. No make that a great hotel.

The Good Hotel in San Francisco has been described as a great hotel by many in part because she is Eco-Friendly and demonstrates high standards in customer service.

They certainly have a story to tell and at, they are willing to share that story with you. “Our central location – in the heart of downtown San Francisco’s SoMa district – brings the best of the city to your doorstep – from Union Square, the Moscone Convention Center and the world-famous Cable Cars to the Castro district, Haight-Ashbury, and Golden Gate Park.

On November 1, 2011, the eco-friendly Good Hotel celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the building that it calls home. Rich in history, the building was originally opened as Hotel Gordon in 1911 and was commissioned by owner George T. Marye and designed by architects Cunningham & Politeo.

In addition to complimentary Wi-Fi Internet in all rooms and social areas, coffee & tea served fresh each morning, unique guest perks include access to a heated outdoor pool and fitness room at our sister hotel across the street, complimentary bicycles for exploring San Francisco and complimentary parking for hybrid cars.”

Complimentary bicycles to explore the great city of San Francisco? Now that is just too good to be true, but it does sound incredibly fun.

We love to hear someone tell their story but isn’t better when others are sharing your story with praise?

At the informative travel site enjoyable site they announce, “This eco-friendly San Francisco hotel features rooms furnished with coke bottle blankets and recycled furniture. It provides guests with free use of bicycles. Union Square is 1 miles from the hotel.

Flat-screen TVs and iPod docking stations are standard in the rooms at the Good Hotel. The rooms also feature a toilet which refills with water from the sink and a book exchange program.

Guests can have a meal at the Sidebar Wine Tavern, which serves California wines and is open for lunch and dinner.

The Good Hotel is within a 12-minute walk of the Moscone Convention Center. The Asian Art Museum is within a 5-minute walk of the hotel. San Francisco City Hall is across from the property.”

We are so ready to go. Aren’t you?

The creative group at adds, “A reasonably priced eco-friendly hotel which still knows how to be fun and stylish. Living up to its name, The Good Hotel claims to be one of the greenest hotels in the city – it’s furnished with reclaimed and recycled products and has bathrooms which feature water-conserving toilets. The rooms are hip and quirkily decorated with all sorts of fun features but being green is definitely still the name of the game! Expect blankets made from recycled water bottles, light shades made with recycled glass bottles, and even bed frames crafted from reclaimed wood. Other amenities include a cool photo booth, complimentary bike use and if you have a hybrid car, you can park for free! Nice.”

Staying at The Good Hotel can make you feel good while enjoying a great vacation and supporting a fantastic cause.

You can never have too much of a good thing.

We want to hear more about Eco-Friendly hotels.

Eco-Design Hotel Part of Green Travel Trend

By Darren Ballegeer 

Green energy, green homes, green jobs, green living - today's world is filled with green options and aspirations based on values of sustainability and whatever is best for our planet. Along the spectrum of all things green, there are serious products, programs and methods as well as those that are more symbolic of green values. Every consumer makes their own choices about environmentally friendly products and services - it's a personal choice based on one's values and needs. You might value luxurious comforts when on vacation, but also need to know that you are being environmentally responsible - perhaps the same value judgment involved in buying a hybrid BMW.

In tourist accommodations, the green trend is growing, whether it's an eco-resort cabana on a beach in Mexico, a rental yurt in an Austrian forest, or a green-theme city hotel.

I recently enjoyed a stay at a green hotel in one of the greenest cities in the world, Amsterdam. It's a city where bikes rule the streets, public transportation is excellent, and people still rely on their own two feet to get around. My stay at the Conscious Hotel was an education in how a business can make environmentally conscious and healthy choices in its furnishings, food, and overall operation.

With two locations in Amsterdam, Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. They say they're more hip than hippy, which does reflect the cool, modern look and attitude of the hotel and its staff. I stayed at Conscious' Vondelpark location, which is named for the neighboring park. The city's largest green space, Vondelpark is a tranquil green paradise for walking, biking or picnic lunching.

A few green features of the hotel stood out. The desk in every guest room is made out of recycled materials and only green cleaning products are used to clean the rooms. Made from 100 percent natural materials, the beds were super plush and comfortable - no compromises necessary here to be green and natural. After a peaceful sleep, I headed to the hotel's restaurant for a satisfying breakfast made with organic ingredients.

At the end of my two-night stay, I was well-rested and my need to be green was also satisfied. I saw that the hotel was truly striving to be green in a meaningful way. Conscious Hotels is a fairly new Dutch hotel chain that deserves credit for doing their part to make the hotel industry more environmentally responsible while making tourists more environmentally conscious.

Darren Ballegeer is a marketing strategist and travel and business writer. He reviews and consults with businesses in numerous industries in North America and Europe. Visit

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