Farmerbrown And Little Skillet, Great Hometown Food In The Big City

Can you get small town home cooking in the sophisticated big city?

It depends. It depends upon what you want cooked. It depends upon what you want to eat especially, if it is seasonal.

Thus, to answer that question. Maybe.

However there is great news. It you want to eat some down home cooking that is not seasonal and whose ingredients are fairly easy to obtain, then please bring your knife, fork and spoon.

We love pancakes and you probably do too and in San Francisco you can actually find some down home cooking, complete with pancakes at Farmerbrown and also their restaurant companion Little Skillet.

“I love pancakes, and I actually do love healthy stuff. Like, I love gluten-free or whole-wheat pancakes. Breakfast is my favorite meal.”… Ashley Tisdale

Why don’t take a walk down the San Francisco streets to their place of business. writer, photo credit

The comfortable site shares their mission with us. “We are a destination where good things gather: locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, west coast freshness and time-honored southern recipes from the Creoles to the Carolinas, artful and seasonally celebrated cocktails that blend well with fresh beats.

All come together to define modern Americana cuisine. With an ambience that mixes true southern providence and generosity of spirit with the heart of San Francisco, you feel native in an instant — welcomed as a member of the family. writer, photo credit photo credit

Any given night promises a constant contrast of energies that fills the space nicely. They say, evidence of a great meal are the feelings that linger afterwards. farmerbrown prides itself in bringing you that unique sense of home.”

There you go. That’s what we’re looking for.

Restaurants with a small town feel tend to have down to earth owners who are customer service oriented.

Would you like to meet the owners?

They smile, “Farmerbrown was built from the ground up by owners Jay Foster and Deanna Sison Foster. A true labor of love, the restaurant was created from their passions: hers, community, and his, food. writer, photo credit photo credit

Deanna is constantly driven by authentic and wholehearted connectedness—from the neighborhood, to the city, to the food. This drive is reflected in the restaurant’s charm and hospitality. Jay is more than an adventurous restauranteur, but a deeply passionate chef with roots in the American South. This continues to define him, his culinary approach, day-to-day work ethic, and most valuably his relationships with the staff and patrons he calls family.”

It’s always wonderful to meet nice business people who love their product.

Okay, let’s knock on the door of Littleskillet. “Little Skillet follows a simple formula of quality ingredients, friendly service, and good value. writer, photo credit

Established in 2008, as the lovable lunch offshoot of soul-favorite farmerbrown, owners, and partners in crime, Jay Foster and Deanna Sison Foster, took the tiny kitchen in the fabled SOMA alley, and turned it into a factory of homespun Southern classics and comfort dishes.

The little window, still beckons the neighborhood with scents of fresh waffles and hot fried chicken, and the SoMa locals loyally line up at lunch to get their fix.

In January of 2014, Little Skillet opened a food counter within neighboring bar, Victory Hall & Parlor, where work crowds happily gather over craft beer, cocktails, & crispy chicken well into the night.  The addition of brunch on the weekends, was a natural evolution, completing the daily offerings to the community, 7 days a week.”

Sounds sweet.

Sounds down to earth.

Sounds down home.

Others love these two feel good eateries as well. It’s time for a few reviews found at

  1. Nice little place. Atmosphere is more like an old style bar or saloon - lots of old wood. Plenty of southern fried catfish and chicken, ribs, meatloaf, etc. Both my wife and I had the southern fried chicken.
  2. Hankering for some old school flavor so soul food it is, fried chicken, mac and cheese etc. A quick search on Yelp landed me here. Wifey and I walked from our hotel near Union Square about 1.5 miles each way.
  3. Ok guys just GO! This place is sweet - 4.5 stars. It's a hip joint serving sweet soul food - their fried chicken is a MUST!!!!! Loved it and if I was living close by I'd be there once a week!!!
  4. Had chicken and waffles on a recent visit. The chicken was moist, yet crispy. Not oily at all. The waffles were delicious as was the syrup. I can't place what it was with the syrup and waffles, maybe cinnamon, but they were good.


As far as the future the informative site reports, “Deanna Sison Foster (Little Skillet, Farmerbrown, Victory Hall & Parlor) quietly spent the last few months working on a new project in SoMa.

And without much fanfare or publicity, she’s about to open it: Mestiza Taqueria (595 Bryant Street), a street-eats brick and mortar. Foster told Inside Scoop the restaurant will officially open later this month in the corner space that most recently housed Chavo’s.

We’re all used to associating Foster with the Little Skillet’s crispy fried chicken or Farmerbrown’s home grown Southern dishes. This new concept focuses on comfort food too. But the difference now is the dishes are based on flavors from Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.”

Fascinating now includes impressive.

So nice it is when you can find some authentic small town food to savor in the big city.

Especially when you have two restaurants instead of just one.

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