Wedding Dresses, Once Used, Still Fresh And Mesmerizing, Great Buy

Perfect is the word that describes how we would like many important events in our life to turn out.

If our life was a movie, hopefully it would be a feel good box office success filled with many perfect moments.

The Perfect High School Boy Friend or Girl Friend.

The Perfect Job.

The Perfect Home.

The Perfect Family.

And you know what? It all starts with The Perfect Wedding.

Isn’t the last scenario the most important since we pray that it lasts a lifetime?

A film that speaks to desperately seeking the perfect wedding is Muriel’s Wedding. writer, Miramax Films photo credit

Muriel's Wedding is a 1994 Australian comedy-drama film written and directed by P. J. Hogan. The film, which stars actors Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Jeanie Drynan, Sophie Lee, and Bill Hunter, focuses on the socially awkward Muriel whose ambition is to have a glamorous wedding and improve her personal life.

Muriel Heslop (Toni Collette) who is obsessed with the music of ABBA, is the target of ridicule by the snooty, more fashion-conscious girls she considers her friends.

She also is a perpetual daydreamer who yearns for a glamorous wedding and marriage to a man who will help get her out of the dead-end seaside tourist town of Porpoise Spit, improve her personal life, and free her from a tedious life dominated by her demanding and often psychologically abusive father Bill (Bill Hunter), a corrupt politician who verbally lashes out at his weak and subservient wife Betty and their unambitious children at every opportunity.

With that life description, who wouldn’t want to escape?

The global news and information source The Guardian shares with a smile, “How would you classify Muriel’s Wedding? The “romantic comedy” genre is one I love and respect, but it’s a little inadequate to describe a movie as rich and complex as this.”

Sounds like the perfect wedding movie.

Are you a woman who is approaching that most important occasion on a budget?

Wedding dresses can be expensive, some costing well over $10,000 for the financially fortunate.

The great wedding industry site shares, “The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study reveals the average cost of wedding dresses across the US—and the magic number is $1,564. Okay, it’s definitely not nothing, but it’s not too crazy, right?

Brides also spend an average of $301 on accessories—so don’t forget to factor in your veil, shoes and lingerie when planning out your budget.”

That’s encouraging. Wouldn’t you agree?

While there an array of wonderful wedding dress designers and manufacturers out there, we loved the look emanating from Sophia Tolli. writer, photo credit

Let’s meet her and you know what, we get to stay in exciting Australia.

At her Australian site, they announce with pride, “In 2006 after 18 years in the bridal industry, Sophia Apostolides created a new bridal collection, Sophia Tolli. With its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional fit, the Sophia Tolli collection provides an array of gorgeous, show-stopping bridal gowns. writer, photo credit

A seamstress since her early teens, Sophia grew up surrounded by fabrics, sewing machines and dress patterns. Her aunt, a talented dressmaker, handmade a majority of Sophia’s wardrobe and allowed Sophia to select her own fabrics. Sophia considers this early exposure to dressmaking as the base of her informal education in fashion design. Sophia developed a strong foundation in made-to-measure design by crafting custom prom, bridesmaid’s dresses and bridal gowns in her teens. During college, Sophia challenged traditional sewing techniques and explored alternative methods of dressmaking. Her award-winning expertise in fit and construction is the result of both her childhood experiences and college education.”

We would love to hear from Sophia herself. writer, photo credit

Sophia adds, “My collection has two distinct feelings: soft classic romanticism and traditional bridal drama. My signature style will always be gowns with an exceptional fit and cut.”

We agree.

They look magical, elegant, exquisite and well, perfect.


You can purchase them at many outlets and sources but have you ever thought walking down the aisle in a pre-owned wedding dress?

Only you and Lady Clairol would know for sure.

You’re welcome to shop around but one such site we found intriguing is 

Always do your homework but you might want to check them out as well as others.

To help you in your search has some suggestions. “If you're in the market to sell your wedding dress or looking to buy a used one, you may be tempted to turn to large online marketplaces like Ebay and Craigslist. While these popular websites are great for listing and buying everyday purchases, a website specifically for used wedding dresses can probably offer you a better deal and a more user-friendly service for this very niche (and important) wedding day purchase.”

Here is there link for some informative and thought provoking tips:

We always love to offer more than one source so we’ll introduce you to Susan Alexander Shapiro.

Susan Alexander Shapiro and her husband Mark were inspired to start BravoBride when they were shopping for their wedding. Susan was tired of overpaying for brand new wedding items she'd use only once and then stuff into the closet. She wished there was a way to buy and sell new and gently-used wedding items, a place where she could find what she needed without spending a fortune and get some money back on her wedding.

Thus BravoBride was born.

Okay, since you are searching for the Perfect Wedding Dress, they have some well thought out suggestions. Please enjoy.

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Wedding Dress writer, photo credit

By Susan Alexander Shapiro

He asks, "Will you marry me?" The engagement bliss is setting in, and wedding planning is only just the beginning. Most newly engaged couples begin the creative planning stages of their anticipated wedding day within the first week of the engagement. Then reality hits... the wedding budget.

After photography, flowers, catering, wedding planning services, the cake, the rings, the groom's tuxedo, one of most important items at the wedding is the bridal gown. Your dream dress may not be in your budget but if you consider buying a used wedding dress it might fit in your price range after all.

When used comes to mind you may think, "The dress won't be as special," "The dress has been worn by another bride," "The dress will not be one of a kind." This is not the case at all. Here are five great reasons to buy a used wedding dress.

No. 5 "Green" Is the New "White"

"Green" Is the New "White" when it comes to being environmentally savvy. This is not referring to finding that perfect green wedding dress, this means you are taking an initiative to purchase and own a recycled gown on your wedding day. Buying another woman's wedding gown and wearing that preowned dress is a rather intelligent choice.

No. 4 You'll Only Wear it Once

You are wearing this dress once. One day, one celebration for all to see. The preowned wedding gown that you are purchasing has only been worn once. Used wedding dresses are just as special as never worn before wedding dresses. The gown that you are about to purchase was treated with genuine care because for someone else, like you, that dress was one of the most important aspects of the wedding to the bride.

No. 3 The Two Dress Bride

You are a woman who cannot decide on just one dress and rather wear two dresses on your special day. Going the used route seems more logical and practical. If you want a dress change during your wedding and reception a choice of used gowns seems too perfect.

No. 2 People Pleaser

Your mother wants you to wear a conservative ball gown on your wedding day, you really do not want to disappoint your loving and giving mother. You, on the other hand want a sexy chic dress to recite your vows in and dance the evening away with your future groom. Finding both wedding gowns at a heavily discounted price because they are used is reason enough to buy new.

No. 1 Bride on a Budget

You want Vera Wang, but cannot even begin to think how you would afford a timeless couture gown. Simply buy a used signature designer dress at a fraction of the original cost and wow everyone at your wedding. At the end of the night you will not be wishing you could return the overpriced lux wedding dress. You bought a used designer gown, dazzled your husband and guests and no one was the wiser.

~ ~ ~

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Susan A. Shapiro

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