S.F. Kimpton Hotels, Launches A Social Experiment In Human Connecting

Rich with strong family ties and friendships, if you are a person who enjoys this, you should feel blessed.

In our modern world, many don’t have what you possess.

At least they say that they don’t. Surveys well-researched can be very revealing.

According to a January 1, 2019 NBC News article, “The average person in the U.S. has only one close friend, according to a study published in the American Sociological Review. One in four people have no confidantes at all. Zero. To make things worse, 75 percent of people say that they're unsatisfied with the friendships that they do have, according to a 2013 study. Meanwhile religious service attendance is on the decline. New ways to gather in community can be hard to find.”

This seems to be a common modern day theme.

Yes we may have many associates and maybe we even keep in touch with family members but still have no one who sees us for who we honestly are that we feel intimate with and can bare our souls to.

It is one thing to know that this need exists.

It is another thing to do something about.

San Francisco based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant Group has come up with a novel idea to help customers feel more connected.

The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group Inc. is owned by the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). Founded in 1981 by William (Bill) Kimpton and led by Chief Executive Officer Mike DeFrino, the group was the largest chain of boutique hotels in the United States in 2011.

It currently operates 65 hotels. writer, Kimpton Hotels photo credit

All but the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and the Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam are in the United States. New hotels have been announced for Toronto, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Paris, Grenada, Bali, Shanghai, Sanya, and Taipei.

In terms of this fascinating social experiment shared, “Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has launched a social experiment called “Room 301,” seeking to uncover the intersections and variances of the human experience.

This is the first time Kimpton has done a social experiment. With Room 301, the brand was inspired by the idea that commonalities and connections exist between all people—no matter their background or life story.”

Well said.

Who could tell their story better than Kimpton Hotels themselves?

They would like to share how this wonderful idea works and if you are a traveler who feels even a little disconnected, we sense that you will like their plan.

Please enjoy.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Launches Room 301: A Social Experiment writer, (PRNewsfoto/Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants)

"Room 301" at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles Explores the Depth of Human Connection

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ 

Today, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants launches a first-of-its-kind social experiment, titled "Room 301," which will run for three months at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles, with additional activations at select Kimpton hotels across the country. Room 301 reflects Kimpton's belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples' lives better and the idea that commonalities and connections exist between all people – no matter their background or life story. Room 301 seeks to uncover the intersections and variances of the human experience.

Guests who choose to book the Room 301 experience will engage in a variety of in-room activities during their stay. Each element is thoughtfully designed to explore what makes people uniquely human. We're curious about whether complete strangers can share meaningful connections, even though their stories only intersect in this shared experience of the same space at different times. At the conclusion of the three-month run, Kimpton will assess and share the results of the experiment, with the goal of sparking more conversations about the importance of heartfelt human connection in today's fast-paced and often divisive world.

"Room 301 is an exciting extension of Kimpton's overarching Stay Human brand campaign. The campaign is grounded in the idea that in our world of rapid innovation and technology, we're actually craving more authentic connection, more personal experiences, more surprises – in short – more humanity," says Kathleen Reidenbach, Chief Commercial Officer at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. "With Room 301 we'll get to know the individuals who stay in this room – their experiences, aspirations and values. We hope to have some interesting insights that can inspire the way we continue to build community at our hotels and restaurants."

Guests of Room 301 will enjoy the personal experiences Kimpton is known for, while having the opportunity to explore a variety of activities and prompts unique to the room, designed to spark creativity and encourage self-reflection. All in-room elements are interactive and inspire guests to both relate to others and leave their own mark, without revealing the identities of any guests. The room also features an exclusive art collaboration with artist Colette Miller of the Global Angel Wings Project and each guest will receive a welcome kit of up to $200 in value, featuring gifts hand-selected by the Kimpton team.

Room 301 is available to book between September 6 and November 30 at 15 percent off the best flexible rate. For each guest that books Room 301, Kimpton will make a $10 donation to the guest's choice of either The Trevor Project or No Kid Hungry, two of Kimpton's non-profit partners. Guests can sign up to participate in Room 301 by sending an email to They will then have an opportunity to check Room 301 availability, sign a waiver, and receive more information about the experience. The spirit of Room 301 will also be brought to life through activations at a number of Kimptons across the country from the Kimpton Aertson Hotel in Nashville to the Kimpton Hotel Allegro in Chicago and the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia. Check out this Room 301 video for a sneak peek of the room and visit to learn more!


San Francisco-based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is the acknowledged industry pioneer that introduced the boutique hotel concept to the United States in 1981. Anchored in one-of-a-kind experiences, Kimpton operates more than 60 hotels and 70 restaurants, bars and lounges across urban locations, resort destinations and up and coming markets in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. Time and again, Kimpton has demonstrated its commitment to creating spaces and experiences that are centered on its guests. From inspiring design that evokes curiosity to forward-thinking flavors that feed the soul, every detail is thoughtfully curated and artfully delivered. The Kimpton experience is always meaningful, unscripted and ridiculously personal.

Kimpton is highly regarded for its workplace culture and has been consistently recognized on the FORTUNE magazine "100 Best Companies to Work For" list. Empowered employees bring to life the heartfelt guest experience that has come to define Kimpton.

In January 2015, Kimpton became part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) family of hotel brands. For more information, visit

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SOURCE Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

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