Sue Bryce Photography, Mesmerizing, Vibrant, Alive And Profitable

San Francisco has to be one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

Photography well done presents us as we would love the world to see us on our best days.

Any day in San Francisco for us has been a very good one.

What it does for our fond memory collection is another story. A very wonderful and long one. writer, Juan Salamanca photo credit

Taking fantastic photos, even of the mesmerizing San Francisco is not always easy.

The challenge for many budding photographers is learning the right techniques to master their shots.

Once mastered to an acceptable level, the next desire is to take it to the next level, way beyond acceptable to exceptional.

Hopefully you will make money at it too in a very competitive market.

Who can you electronically turn to for help?

Let’s take a snap shot of Sue Bryce. writer, Juan Salamanca photo credit

The team at seem to know her well. They share, “With 26 years  experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. Her glamour, fashion and portrait style transcend past stereotypes and has changed the face of portrait photography. Sue Bryce Education (SBE) is one the largest online communities in the photographic industry.”

Sounds enticing.

After becoming the most watched instructor on CreativeLive, Sue has created her own ground-breaking educational platform, in which she uses her signature techniques to educate photographers and empower businesses internationally.

Let’s visit her website at to find out what her school is all about. She first provides us with inspiration. “Join an international community of thousands of photographers learning to build and succeed in their portrait businesses.

With hundreds of specially designed courses to help you create and grow a profitable contemporary portrait business. Whether you recently bought your first camera, or you’re a seasoned professional, these resources will bring you into your full power as a photographer and business owner.”

Sounds like a dynamic and hopeful plan.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”… Aaron Siskind

For those of us who have been posting articles and working with creative people, including female athletes and models, we tend to have two choices.

We can shoot the photography ourselves, often with amateurish and mixed results or we can hire a professional photographer which can still be a little dicey.

Working with them has mostly been a good experience, but often not a great one. Not every licensed car mechanic is a good one. Not every professional photographer is passionate and exceptional.

Have you ever looked at someone’s work and felt that you might be able to do better?

Maybe you can. Sue can help. writer, Juan Salamanca photo credit

Research indicates that each course in the Sue Bryce Education (SBE) video library focuses on one specific topic, from how to pose a certain body type to how to create marketing materials to attract more clients and everything in between.

SBE Members get concrete answers, pinpointed explanations, exact instructions and step-by-step guides to achieve their photography and business goals.

Makes perfect sense.

So what is her motivation and why did she create Sue Bryce Education?

At her site she explains, “My name is Sue Bryce. I’ve been a portrait photographer for 28 years. I’m a business owner and I’m an educator.

I have this deep passion for watching people go through the process of being photographed. Now my passion has extended to helping photographers build their confidence, brand, and their income.

I love watching people unfold in front of the camera and seeing their light shine out. What comes out is, “Am I okay being the best that I can be?” “Is it okay that I’m allowed to shine?” “That I’m allowed to love myself?” “That I’m allowed to be good enough?” Well building a business is no different.

Building my business was the most transformational time in my life. Learning to value myself and be sustainable in business changed my entire world. I want to teach you to receive money in equal exchange for your craft and own your path with certainty and conviction and walk towards it.

Building Sue Bryce Education was about realtime learning. You can choose to do this in the group. You can choose to do this in your own time. But the one thing you are going to experience is being confronted on every block and every fear that you have, and you’re going to learn to face it and smash through it, so you can build a business that you dream of for you and your family.”

We love her message and truly are impressed with the layout of her website.

What are others saying about her? Here are a few testimonials.

“Sue Bryce changed my life. There are a lot of web-based photography education sites but very few even touch on teaching how to successfully run a photography business. Sue Bryce Education will teach you how to create amazing portraits but it will also give you the tools you need to create a thriving, profitable, and sustainable business. The icing on the cake — it’s affordable and the community of mentors and fellow photographers is so supportive and willing to share their experiences. Give up 7 lattes a month join today!”

Here is another.

“Sue Bryce Education has given me ALL of the tools needed to take me from a “shoot and burn” photographer making less than $200 a session to a portrait photographer with a studio and over a $1200 average and growing in less than 4 months.”

Wouldn’t you love to achieve those results?

Time for one more.

“In my photography journey, I have tried many educational platforms, but none felt as comprehensive as Sue Bryce Education. Here was a place where I had access to my mentor, content that truly guides one through the path in becoming a professional photographer and connection to one of the most supportive communities online. Without a doubt, if not for Sue and her teachings, I would not be seeing the level of business success that I am seeing today. Join now, absorb the wealth of knowledge, put in the hard work and you will achieve your goals!”

If you are a person who feels that they can improve on their photography skills, this course might be for you. As of this February 11, 2019, the introductory subscription starts at $35 a month.

Sounds very reasonable.

San Francisco can be described as a beautiful woman who can always take a great picture. writer, photo via Bloomberg

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes with the right teacher like Sue Bryce, they can be worth thousands of dollars. writer, photo credit

~ ~ ~

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