Yoshinoya Of Cupertino, Delicious, Low Priced And Quick

Delicious fast food tastes better when you no longer can or are willing to eat it.

Maybe you’ve become vegan or older with high cholesterol. Life has changed and so must you.

Darn it.

Still, in your dreams, those juicy hamburgers, long hot dogs with extra mustard, ketchup and onions, possibly some sauerkraut too, taste absolutely scrumptious in our dreams.

We’ve often dreamed of that cheeseburger, topped with gently broiled bacon, blessed with a thick all beef middle, quality buns with sesame seeds and a side of thick garlic fries, is to salivate over.

We should know. We’ve been there and cherish every incredible moment of it.

That is typically an American cuisine.

Fortunately the menu for fast food has expanded to Japanese cuisine. writer, photo credit

Typically our memories of eating Japanese foods are at very nice and quiet sit down restaurants where you should plan to be there for quite some time and the bill will reflect that.

It’s only money.

So you can imagine how happy we are now that Yoshinoya restaurants are becoming more popular and they continue to expand.

Yoshinoya is a Japanese multinational fast food chain, and the second-largest chain of beef bowl restaurants. The chain was established in Japan in 1899. Its motto is “Tasty, low-priced, and quick”

Very tasty. Great variety and definitely quick. writer, photo via Brand Eating

The Logo of Yoshinoya resembles a bull horn, and was invented by Yoshinoya’s founder Eikichi Matsuda.

The logo as a whole is meant to suggest that Yoshinoya sells the “best beef bowls”.

Makes perfect sense. We agree.

The aroma is so good that we have to visit their site. At they welcome, “Yoshinoya is a modern take on traditional Japanese rice bowls. We believe in fresh ingredients and quick service at a price that won’t break the bank. writer, photo via Spoon Tamago

Signature Gyūdon Beef Bowl®, irresistible Grilled Steak or mouth-watering Teriyaki Chicken? We’re on a mission to serve the fresh flavors you crave, inspired by our Japanese heritage and prepared specially for you.”

We are craving those special beef bowls already. Soft, tender and unique.

Here is why. “At Yoshinoya, Japanese-inspired cooking is the essence of our menu, and sharing that delicious experience with each of our customers is the mission of our company. From the time we opened our first restaurant in 1899 in Tokyo, Japan, we’ve been cooking our freshly prepared rice bowls to perfection, using quality ingredients, served at an affordable price, with a friendly smile.”

Today, there are more than 2,000 Yoshinoya locations worldwide, serving more than 500,000 delicious bowls daily. Their loyal customers keep coming back for more.

One of those locations is south of San Francisco, based in Cupertino, California. Are you familiar with Cupertino? writer, Ralph Andersen & Associates photo credit

Cupertino is a U.S. city in Santa Clara County, California, directly west of San Jose on the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley with portions extending into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The population was 58,302 as of the 2010 census.

In 2015, Forbes ranked Cupertino as one of the most educated places in the U.S. in respect to the percentage of high school and college graduates. An affluent area, Cupertino is the nation’s 11th wealthiest city with a population over 50,000.

It is known as the home of Apple Inc.‘s corporate headquarters.

Very nice location. Yoshinoya is in stellar company.

They are known to be innovative.

Yoshinoya has more to say. “As our customers’ tastes have evolved, so have we. Our original menu, featuring our signature Gyūdon Beef Bowl®, has now grown to include more than 20 mouth-watering bowls. And we’re always introducing exciting new choices. We’re keeping our look fresh too: many of our locations have been remodeled, and we’re opening new ones to keep up with your rising demands.”

Very good to know.

As you might guess, the reviews are beyond delicious. Here are a few: writer, photo via

“This was my first time to eat here.  After working with a customer in the South Bay, a colleague of mine wanted to stop by here on our way back to the North Bay.  He had raved about this place and said they were all over the LA area and that I had to try it.

We ordered our food and it was ready several minutes later, fresh and hot.  I ordered the Large Combo Bowl with the Teriyaki Chicken and Beef with White Rice and potatoes.  The food was delicious and hot and flavorful.”

Yummy. Here is another.

“First time I had Yoshinoya was originally from the Santa Clara location on El Camino Real over 15 years ago!  OMG – it was soo good and can’t believe time flies!!!  Everything was soo good – the beef, the chicken, side order of Clam chowder, and the free ginger left in big container for customer to have as much as they’d like!  I was in love with Yoshinoya and became a regular since then!”

We love what we are hearing. Time for one more.

“I’m INTENTIONALLY inflating my rating because this is the last Yoshinoya in Northern California and would be very very sad if it ever closed. Their gyudon beef alone is worth the cross-country trip to get this food. Their service was quick and it was nice to see that they updated the restaurant.”

See what we mean?

Hopefully your situation is such that you don’t have a limited diet and you are free to graze and roam. This will be a quick and delicious fantasy fulfilled.

If you crave good Japanese food at a fantastic price, you have come to the right place.

More About Yoshinoya:

Fresh, wholesome Japanese-style cuisine is the essence of the Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen menu. Dating back to 1899 with the opening of its first restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, Yoshinoya is among the oldest quick-service restaurant chains in operation.

Throughout its century of experience, Yoshinoya continues to grow aggressively while operating or franchising more than 1,833 restaurants in Japan, Mainland China, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and the United States. The Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen menu is based on fresh ingredients served in a variety of rice bowls, including the original Beef Bowl© that started it all in 1899. Yoshinoya has more than 100+ restaurants in California with plans for expansion through additional company restaurants. For more information, visit

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