Dating App “UnFiltered”, Changing Online Dating

June 27, 2021,

Fun, it is supposed to be.

Too often, it is just funny. Not in a fun way. In a don’t make me laugh way

You can’t be serious.

If you watch movies, so often it falls into the comedy category.

For many of us in the adult realm, dating is anything but fun or funny.

There is nothing like someone sitting across from you, analyzing you with a microscope, minus the lab coat.

Or looking horrified. Even worse, bored.

It’s anything but “just dinner”.

We suspect some people really make a go of their marriage because they are absolutely terrified of being single again at middle age and having to go back out in the dating market.

As the expression goes, it’s a jungle out there.

Even one of the world’s most beautiful and powerful women, Kim Kardashian, is concerned about being back out on the market.

As shared at, “For Kardashian, 40, who filed for divorce from West, 44, in February after six years of marriage, trust is a something she is worried about when it comes to future relationships.”

When it comes to dating there are so many issues to worry about, trust only being one of them.

Especially when it comes to online dating.,

The team at educate, “About 45 percent of online daters reporting increased frustration and 30 percent reporting increased pessimism about dating. The overwhelming options available in online dating can also make it so that no one seems good enough because there's always someone better on the horizon.”

Well, it is human nature to always want a better deal.

When we watch those old “take the tourists into the jungle movies”, from the 1930s trough 50s, complete with city folk having to take endless breaks and constant wiping of their brow with a hanky and rubbing their feet, they always had an experienced and resilient guide with a never say die attitude, who never seemed to get his shirt dirty.

In today’s online dating jungle, it would be very helpful if we had a guide.

Any takers? There’s plenty of handkerchiefs in the box. Clean shirts and blouses are welcome.

Wait. It looks like we’ve found an innovative online dating service that is very happy to guide us.

See what you think.

New Dating App UnFiltered Launches, Changing How We Date Online,

The Platform Provides a Safe Space in Online Dating, With Technology that Prohibits Filters, Facetune, and Outdated Images.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UnFiltered, a dating app that prohibits edited photos, filters, fake profiles, and only allows recent images to be taken from the In-App camera, officially launches today. UnFiltered is creating a dating revolution by providing a platform for true genuine connections and by revamping the online dating experience with unique built-in features that promote and cultivate a safe, transparent, UnFiltered environment so users can be the person they were always supposed to be, themselves. UnFiltered is not just another dating app, in fact, UnFiltered wants to be the last dating app anyone ever has to use by being the conduit for real people to find real love.

"Our mission is to provide a culture of transparent dating to result in serious adults who are looking for more meaningful, lasting relationships," says Co-Founder Amanda Pool. "UnFiltered is focused on real people, and uses proprietary technology to authenticate, protect and promote the users to provide safe connections."

The founders of UnFiltered set out to create this platform to filter in as much "real" as possible and allow for efficiency and transparency. To this extent there is a built in 8-point security screening process so users can feel safe building relationships on UnFiltered as the application goes to great lengths to ensure that users are who they claim to be. UnFiltered will check the user's name, email, age, phone, social media, digital footprint, face recognition, work history, and resident history to authenticate the identity and footprint of the person before assigning an UnFiltered "Verified" Seal. This minimizes the risk of deceptive identities and creates a safer environment for all using the platform.

UnFiltered combats the issues of ghosting and stalking that often occur within dating apps by including a "WhatsApp" style of communication that allows for texting, sending attachments, photos, calling and even video calls without the need to exchange personal numbers. Often when a match happens the people involved move off of the app and continue the conversations off-line. With UnFiltered the user can explore the relationship just like they normally would without feeling exposed in the process with personal contact information. Additionally, UnFiltered limits the matches so that people are more deliberate and intentional with their selections. This creates more meaningful connections with less distractions.

To round out the new dating revolution experience, UnFiltered has integrated helpful tools to allow users to move forward with the connections that they have made within the application. UnFiltered's In-App date planner matches the likes in someone's profile and recommends a place or activity that may appeal to the match. This can be anything from a sushi restaurant or a day spa in the area. The UnFiltered customer service team can suggest a date, place and time, and when accepted by the other person, it will send confirmations, update their phone scheduler and provide GPS directions on the day of the date.

UnFiltered's "Near Me" function can help make an instant connection in the app that can translate to real life in real time, right from where you are located. "Near Me" is a type of proximity matching beacon that shows you matches who are closest to you.

To further ease the stresses of dating for users, UnFiltered has aligned with Dating and Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon who will help those looking for love find their perfect match. Rori will be featured on the app and share dating advice, talk with users about the dos and don'ts of online dating, first dates, red flags, and much more.  She will also host select events nationwide.

"UnFiltered was created to foster a secure community that values the ideals and principles of real love," says Dating and Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon. "With the advent of ghosting and catfishing, singles want to be able to trust an authentic, verified platform to meet real people that lead toward real love and real relationships. UnFiltered provides that sense of security and reliability."

Users will be able to unlock all these additional services through various membership levels. During the Promotional Launch Tour, UnFiltered is offering the Elite Upgrade which includes all the enhanced features for a one-time cost of $29.95 with no ongoing subscription needed. By unlocking these features UnFiltered members will find it that much easier to navigate dating and hopefully find the right one.

UnFiltered is launching their new dating App with a multi city tour including a series of launch parties to take place in 7 cities over 20 days.  They will kick it off at The Empire Room in Dallas TX on June 23rd hosted by Rori Sassoon with live music by DJ Ruckus and complimentary food and beverage.  Following Dallas, events will take place in Louisiana, Alabama, Atlanta, Miami, Virginia, and in the Hamptons (New York) to name a few.

UnFiltered. Real People. Real Love.

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