New Female Wrestlers, Are You Offensive Or Defensive Minded?

January 6, 2022,

If you are a female, on the fence, trying to decide if you would like to give wrestling a serious try, this is probably the best time in history to do so.

Women, making a decision to participate in grappling, spring from many factors.

With the incredible growth in the sport and the increasing acceptance of girls competing in a dignified environment, those factors have made it easier to move forward with that desire.

The popularity of female MMA is no doubt a factor as well. There are many role models who are admirable, some of whom are mothers, like Mackenzie Dern.

Now that girls and women can get beyond past stigmas, the initial question remains.

What are the basic moves in wrestling?,

It depends. Are you offensive or defensive minded?

Great female wrestlers can win with both techniques. Still, what you start with is probably what you will fall back on when you get in trouble.

From our circle we always feel the headlock is the basic grappling move. Thus, you can see we are offensive minded, initiating the action, taking the role of the aggressor.

The team at appear to agree. They educate, “The headlock is an offensive technique that can get your opponent off their feet and onto the mat. From there, you can earn points and a chance for a pin.”

What we like about the headlock is if you apply it correctly and tighten your grip, without choking your opponent, it is very hard for them to escape.

If you trap them in a side headlock and take them down bull riding, rodeo style, and use your body as weight, simply lying on the side of her face while she is underneath you, she will most likely tape out.

Tighten the grip, lie down on her face.

Another reason why we like the headlock is that your opponent cannot grow muscles there.

On her head, that is.

While we might be evolving as a human species, as far as we know, your ego may give you a big head, but not one with extra muscle.

If you try engaging your opponent from the legs and shoulders and they have been lifting weights and are stronger than you, even if you initially have the advantage, you will most likely lose it.

Begin learning the headlock first.,

Perfect it.

It will take you a long way.

For a fuller picture, we have a visiting writer who can help round out your routine in learning the basic moves.

Very important. He will share with you some terms you may not be familiar with. Our suggestion is to simply Google it under videos and you can visually see how it is done.

It is one thing to read about it. It is another to actually see it taught and performed.

Time to live and learn. When you do well?

Don’t let it go to your head.

Wrestling Moves,

By Curt Clapier

Wrestling moves are the skills that wrestlers learn, practice and perfect in order to beat their opponents. Traditionally wrestling moves have been used in Folkstyle Wrestling, College Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco Roman Wrestling. However, as of late wrestling moves have become the basis for every successful mixed martial arts fighter. You will not find a successful MMA fighter who does not have a quality skill set of basic wrestling moves. Especially moves for takedowns and defending takedowns.

Basic Wrestling Skills

Basic wrestling skills can be divided into three categories. In other words there are three basic positions and you need good, sound wrestling techniques in all three of these areas.

Position one or Neutral Position.

Neutral position is the position where both wrestlers and MMA fighters start out the match on their feet. You must have at least a set of basic and effective offensive moves for the neutral position. Offensive techniques from the neutral position are known as takedowns.

Here is a short list of some basic takedown moves for wrestling:

- Single leg
- Double leg
- Fireman's Carry
- Low Level Single Leg
- Head Throw
- Bear Hug

Defensive wrestling moves, from the neutral position are known as Takedown Defense. Some of these wrestling basic moves would include:

- Head position
- Sprawl
- Front Head Lock
- Underhook
- Two on one or Russian
- Binding

The other two positions for which a wrestler or a fighter needs solid wrestling tips and moves are top and bottom positions. These skills are also known as mat wrestling moves.

Here is a short list of some of the mat moves that you should know if you want to wrestle or fight in the UFC:

- Stand up
- Hip Heist
- Switch
- Sit Out
- Knee Slide
- Arm Bar
- Half Nelson
- Leg Ride
- Power Half
- Turk
- Cradle (nearside and farside cradle)
- Blanket ride
- Spiral ride

There are many other great skills, however most wrestlers do not master all of the moves. Most good wrestlers simply learn how to do a few basic techniques really well. They learn to do them better than most everyone else and they win over 90 percent of their matches by doing the same techniques over and over again.

The purpose of this article was not to teach you how to do wrestling moves or give you a complete list of takedowns, moves and tips. The goal was simply to familiarize you with the sport of wrestling and it's basic techniques, skills and moves.

If you wish to learn how to do these wrestling moves you will need to pick up some wrestling training DVDs or visit a wrestling training website. Skills like these, though basic, take time and dedication to learn and perfect. After all repetition is the mother of habit. You have to do a technique at least 200 times before you can do it effectively in a match or an MMA fight.

I run a website dedicated helping wrestlers and fighters learn and perfect wrestling moves. Visit [] to learn more wrestling techniques and to watch great wrestling matches.

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