Peet’s Coffee, New Year, New Brew, Sweet Cinnamon Churro Flavors

January 11, 2022,

Making you feel rich, cool, part of the in-crowd at such a low cost is amazing.

A cup of iced coffee, nicely packaged has that effect.

Especially when people are watching you sip. Oh so carefully.

We love watching these young hipster Female Vloggers who just seem to have cornered the market on cool.

They know the right people, go to the right parties, are Content Creators dubbed by VidCon, have an entourage, hair and makeup stylist, a Personal Assistant and live in incredible Los Angeles area multi-million dollar homes.

Are they cool?

Hard to argue that they’re not. If they aren’t, please define cool.

Their bodies are a walking billboard from their hair extensions, glued on eye lashes and tattoos to perfectly displayed makeup, designer threads and professionally done very long nails which they keep snapping and clicking at you and the camera.

There is another habit that they are constantly partaking in and letting you know how tasty and desirable it is and that is their iced coffee.,


Nail click.


Toss hair back.


Talk on the cell phone (carefully protecting their long nails).


Smile at the camera.

They have it all down pat.

That fancy coffee looks so good.

Especially if it’s from Peet’s.

We loved our Southern California experience where, when we hung out near downtown, we we’re USC Trojan fans and when we sauntered over to Pasadena we radiated, Go Bruins.

Fancy iced coffee in hand. No long finger nails.

One of our favorite spots to hang out with the L.A. cool was at Peet’s Coffee house in Pasadena.

Go Bruins.

True story. It felt so cool. A view of the mountains and beautiful So. Cal. Girls strolling by on sunny days, what more could you want to let you know you are still alive.

Up and down the forward thinking West Coast, of course they have some great Peet’s Coffee hangouts in San Francisco, Berkeley, Portland and Seattle.

You can still look cool, just wear a sweater.

Peet's Coffee is a San Francisco Bay Area-based specialty coffee roaster and retailer owned by JAB Holding Company.

It was founded in 1966 by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California., Berkeley-No-machine-readable-author-provided.-Calton-assumed-based-on-copyright-claims.-Wikipedia

Peet's introduced the United States to its darker roasted Arabica coffee in blends including French Roast and grades appropriate for espresso drinks.

We love the taste.

At their home,, they provide us with some insight as to why their coffee is so popular, often surrounded by the fanciest of nails, “For over fifty years we've been dedicated to crafting the perfect cup. This endeavor shapes every step of our process, from partnering with farmers to roasting by hand, so you can drink the best, freshest coffee knowing it’s from a company that cares.”

Is it okay to say Groovy?

Peet's offers freshly roasted beans, brewed coffee and espresso beverages, as well as bottled cold brew.

It is so popular, Peet's coffee is sold in over 14,000 grocery stores across the United States.

So cool.

So hip.

And guess what?

They continue to create more content. Not sure if they attended VidCon.


One free beverage is available to all new Peetnik Rewards members who download the app between January 5-11, 2022 and use promo code LUCKY at enrollment.

News provided by

Peet's Coffee Inc.

Jan 04, 2022, 07:52 ET

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Peet's Coffee is ringing in the new year with a winter menu featuring handcrafted coffee beverages inspired by churros coated with cinnamon and sugar. A cozy accompaniment to the season's chilly days, the new beverages include a Churro Latte, a Churro Caramel Macchiato and the plant-based Cold Brew with Sweet Cinnamon Oat Foam. For Members Only via the Peet's app, the winter menu features a Churro Mocha and Cinnamon Black Tie. The winter beverages are available today through March 8, 2022, or while supplies last.


“NEW YEAR, NEW BREW: PEET’S COFFEE TOASTS 2022 WITH WINTER MENU INSPIRED BY SWEET CINNAMON CHURRO FLAVORS -- One free beverage is available to all new Peetnik Rewards members who download the app between January 5-11, 2022 and use promo code LUCKY at enrollment.”

Peet's Coffee is also debuting a warm breakfast sandwich this January to add to its all-day menu. The savory and satisfying Turkey Bacon & Egg White sandwich is prepared with cage-free eggs, as are Peet's other warm breakfast offerings. The Turkey Bacon & Egg White Sandwich is protein-rich and delivers big taste, proving that New Year's resolutions can and should taste good.

In celebration of this launch, Peet's Coffee is offering an exclusive promotion for all new Peetnik Rewards Members: one (1) free beverage of their choice, any size, when they download the Peet's app and enter promo code LUCKY at registration from January 5 – 11, 2022. Additionally, all existing members will earn bonus points when they order any new winter beverage or the new Turkey Bacon & Egg White sandwich *.

"January marks a refresh and rejuvenation for many of us. The bold and comforting flavors of cinnamon and sugar, offering a relief from winter's chill, increase in popularity this time of year," said Patrick Main, senior beverage innovator. "Our plant-based Cold Brew with Sweet Cinnamon Oat Foam meets growing interest in non-dairy ingredients and delivers on taste for a sweet treat any time of day."

Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the annual return of Peet's Ethiopian Super Natural blend, featuring out-of-this-world blueberry and floral aromatics for a fragrantly fruity and memorable sun-warmed hug in a cup. The blend adds an aroma of white flower and a burst of candied citron for a sweet and full finish. The Ethiopian Super Natural blend can be purchased at and at participating Peet's coffeebars.

Peet's Coffee 2022 Winter Menu Includes:

  • NEW! Churro Latte (hot or iced)
    Cinnamon sugar-infused steamed milk, espresso and toasty cinnamon syrup cozy up in a latte similar to a sweet churro, perfect for the cooler season.
  • NEW! Cold Brew with Sweet Cinnamon Oat Foam (iced)
    Skip the straw and dive into a smooth and invigorating Baridi cold brew topped with a delicate layer of cinnamon sugar-infused, plant-based oat milk microfoam.
  • NEW! Churro Caramel Macchiato (hot or iced)
    Decadent cinnamon syrup, buttery caramel, sweet ristretto shots of espresso and cinnamon sugar-infused milk topped with a swirl of rich caramel.
  • NEW! PEETNIK REWARDS MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Churro Mocha (hot or iced)
    Espresso meets rich house-made chocolate sauce, cinnamon syrup, and freshly steamed cinnamon sugar-infused milk topped with a swirl of whipped cream for an indulgent finish reminiscent of warm, cocoa-dipped churros. Available only when ordered via the Peet's app.
    The fan-favorite Black Tie is customized with sweet cinnamon, combining layered, sweetened condensed milk with cinnamon syrup-infused Baridi Cold Brew. Topped with ice and a float of half and half for a dreamy fusion. Available only when ordered via the Peet's app.
  • NEW! Turkey Bacon & Egg White Sandwich  A premium English muffin toasted and topped with cage-free egg whites and a layer of Swiss cheese along with crispy turkey bacon for a flavorful and filling warm sandwich that packs 15g of protein.

* For terms and conditions please go to

About Peet's Coffee:
Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966 by Alfred Peet, the "Big Bang of coffee," Peet's Coffee® introduced an artisan movement by sourcing the world's best beans, hand-roasting in small batches, and crafting beverages by hand. With rich, complex, superior quality roasts unlike anything Americans ever tasted before, Peet's influenced generations of coffee entrepreneurs and connoisseurs. Today, Peet's is uncompromisingly dedicated to its founding tenets and asserts a strict standard of freshness, ensuring optimum flavor with a team that personally vets the beans available at 17,000 grocery stores nationwide. Peet's operates from the first LEED® Gold certified roastery in the United States and grows its business through retail cafes, grocery, on-premise, and e-commerce channels. For more information, visit Stay connected to Peet's: @peetscoffee on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

Peet's Coffee Images available here

SOURCE Peet's Coffee Inc.

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